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Details of Sessions Above


Movement Webinars
When: Every Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 12pm, Friday 6.30am

What to Expect: A Practical session focusing on one of the primary movements we do in the gym – Deadlift, Lunge, Squat, Row, Press, Overhead, Core and Rotation. We break down the movement(s), do’s and don’ts, muscles involved, the role of the nervous system and the possible regressions and progressions.


Whether you are working through the theory in 401 or the practical work in 402 – these sessions are a must.


Workout and Learn
When: Monday 6pm, Tuesday 12pm, Wednesday 6.30am
What to Expect: A session that combines an actual workout with some of the theory and practical you are working through in the course. We start with a 20-25 min bodyweight work and follow it up with a Q and A focusing on one of the following areas – How the trainer delivered the session, how it was designed, the acute and chronic responses the body goes through, and the primary energy systems being used.


These sessions are great where-ever you are on the course as they cover both the theory and practical needed to pass your assignments. (and you also get a workout)


402/403 Tutorials
When: Monday 12pm, Wednesday 12pm, Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm.
What to Expect: A tutorial focusing on the key components of your Client Log-books that need to be completed in 402 and 403.

They include the following:

  • Client Consult 1 (Rapport Building/ Medical and Injuries)

  • Client Consult 2 (Goal Setting/Sales)

  • Resting Tests

  • Active Tests

  • Program Design

  • Session Delivery (Warm Up/Exercise Instruction/cool down)


To let you know the topic/theme of each webinar for the coming week every Sunday we will post a schedule on our closed Facebook Page as well as send a direct email to you. (If you are not already a member of this group - let us know and we can get your sorted!)

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